Photography begins not in the camera, but in the mind and the eye. The real work is that of noticing and appreciating; seeing things clearly and differently, and sharing that vision with others.
I have developed that vision and my photography craft in order to bring the beauty of nature to light in a fresh way, that can hopefully inspire and touch people

Mike Muizebelt Nature Photographer

I, Mike Muizebelt, am a nature and wildlife photographer with over 30 years experience.
My drive and passion in life is to explore, share and document as much of our natural beauty as possible.
During my travels to Africa and Asia, but also to the unspoiled areas of Europe, I aim to capture images that stimulate the senses and give the viewer an enhanced feeling of awareness of the beauty around us.
I’m an all-round photographer and I photograph landscapes, macro images, abstracts or intimate portraits with equal enthusiasm. There is always one goal: with my photography I hopes to create a spark of interest and awareness of the attractiveness of our nature while it lasts.

My system of choice is the Ricoh Imaging – Pentax system. The small and extremely rugged magnesium alloy bodies with their additional weather sealing can be used in adverse conditions, whether it’s wet or cold. These characteristics, together with their long battery life, make them ideal for outdoor shooting.
After years of prior cooperation, I’m an official ambassador for Pentax since the beginning of 2014

All of my images are available for prints, to get an idea about the possibilities please vist my example gallery at “Werk aan de Muur”

Ricoh Imaging

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Buy my work online at Nature In StockMike Muizebelts work is represented by Nature In Stock.
Of course you may also contact me directly for individual prints, tailored to your specific wishes.

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