Pentax KP – A Hands on Review

feb 22 2017

The Pentax KP, some first impressions The Pentax KP body that I was able to review for a few days, was a test model with firmware 1.0.  These are my personal experiences and it goes without saying that the statements in this text relate to a strictly personal opinion. Ricoh’s Pentax KP features a new 24MP APS-C sensor with a maximum ISO of 819200. That’s twice the limit of the Sony A7S II, a camera that can practically see in the dark. Images taken at 819,200 are going to look pretty messy of course, but sometimes you just need the […]


De full frame Pentax K-1, een eerste impressie

mrt 04 2016

De Pentax K-1 die ik ter beschikking kreeg om een eerste indruk te krijgen was een pre-productie model met een vroege firmware versie. Hoewel de camera een volledig werkend exemplaar was zijn mijn persoonlijke ervaringen slechts bedoeld als indicatie van de uiteindelijke eigenschappen.


Using the Pentax full frame K-1, a hands on review experience

mrt 03 2016

Ter info: De Nederlandse verie kan hier bekeken worden. The Pentax K-1, some first impressions The full frame Pentax K-1 body that I was able to test for a few days, was a pre-production model with an early firmware. Although the camera was fully functional, these are my personal experiences and are to be interpreted as indicative of the final properties. It goes without saying that the statements in this text relate to a strictly personal opinion. In 2001 Pentax was in the news with a prototype of its first digital full frame camera, the MZ-D. Now, 15 years later, […]


Travel Tips!

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feb 04 2015
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After all those years of travelling that I’ve done, I would like to share some of the experiences that I had as a travelling wildlife photographer. Travel Tip 1) Make your equipment look like it’s cheap and broken As a travelling photographers your first concern is the theft of your gear. There are thieves in every part of the world, not just in the developing countries. They know how much your shiny and new camera can fetch on the black market. When travelling, I make it a point to make my equipment look inconspicuous. I cover it with duct tape, […]

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