How to embed 360 degree Ricoh Theta S images into WordPress

jan 07 2016

After I got Ricoh’s Theta S 360 degree spherical camera I’m eager to test the ability to embed the images into my wordpress blog. It would be awesome to capture 360 degree scenery alongside the images I make on my travels.
A huge amount of websites run on WordPress and 360 degree images are becoming more and more common. Below are the steps I made to embed a 360 degree image in a WordPress post

360 degree cooking with the Theta S 😉 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

The first thing I did was to install the Code Embed Plugin

Go to the Ricoh Theta website where your original image (theta S or theta SC) is stored and click on the Embed button for the code.

At the bottom of your new page there should be the option to add extra fields.
Make a new field named “CODE1” and paste the code from Ricoh’s website into this value.

Theta S Code

To get the image to display you just need to pop in the shortcode into a text box.

Simple as that!

Another option is to load the images onto your own drive and use the WordPress plugin called Cardboard

Ricoh Theta (S) Images will be hosted on your own site AND can be viewed full screen on your wordpress site. (See below, me and a Pentax K-1 full frame in the field)
(Currently full frame is not supported anymore due to various wordpress updates).

A new kid on the block is a new plug-in WP-VR-View
This seems to give even better results. Disadvantage is that it isn’t completely integrated with the Media Library. Rather than just clicking on an item, you have to look up the full URL of the image and paste it into a dialog. The advantage of this is that you can embed both images from your blog’s Media Library *and* external 360° images.

Button to add VR image


  1. Paul Kirtley 

    Seems simple enough, but I was not aware that my images were being stored on a Theta website. I know they are on my computer…just looking for simple step-by-step instructions on how to get them, features and all, on to a WordPress site. Thanks!

    • Mike Muizebelt 

      Hi Paul,
      I just updated the post with a new possibility. You can now upload the image to your own wordpress website and make it available as a 360 degree image by means of a plugin called “cardboard”.
      This should help you out I think as it allows the image to be viewed full screen

  2. Meghann 

    What about getting an embed code via iPad? I don’t travel w my computer and I can’t seem to get embed code when using my iPad – have tried on both safari and chrome. Any thoughts?

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