NiSi Filters

NiSi Filters in the Field

Last month I was travelling through Southern Africa and part of my destinations were the magnificent landscapes of Namibia. It’s a place where I can lose myself in the richness of the colours and the fluid shapes of the Sossusvlei sanddunes.
This time I brought some new equipment with me, a small bag filled with a filterset from NiSi. The NiSi V6 Filterholder with a Landscape CPL was the heart of the system and varios ND gradation and ND filters completed the kit.

The medium format Pentax 645Z is the heart of the system and is unforgiven regarding optical mistakes. I was happy to see that the sharpness of my images was not affected by the filters at all.
Another point where filters can go wrong is colourcast; also no problems at all with NiSi filers that I brought along.

All in all these filters made me a very happy photographer and when the light and landscape are playing along as well, a great portfolio is the result.

If you want to read more about my experiences, read more here in my Dutch blog: NiSi Filters

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