Road trip with the Pentax 645Z through South Africa

In april 2015 I went on a road trip from Capetown to Port Elisabeth in South Africa. A mix of culture, nature, unspoiled beaches and national parks. Completely different from the usual trips into the untamed and remote bushes, but a great trip to get a sense of life along the south western coast of Africa.

Apart from the Pentax K-3 that is part of my basic kit, I had the chance to use a selection of my older medium format lenses on this trip. Ricoh imaging / Pentax borrowed me their flagship medium format camera, the 645Z.
I set out with this camera and a small range of lenses:

  • The wide(ish) angle FA 645 45mm
  • The medium zoom: FA 645 80-160mm
  • The stellar macro FA 645 120mm
  • The longer zoom FA 645 150-300mm

I had to keep a selection at home, but with this kit I managed to make a nice series of images, showing the potential of medium format quality.

Handling, image quality, high iso noise and responsiveness, all excellent. The camera is much more portable than I imagined at first and it”s currently high on the wish list. The images have a quality to them that I hardly can put into words, but I hope this small gallery will give you an idea about it’s capabilities.

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